Korean skincare, Korean food and Korean cocktails – now that sounds like a fun time doesn’t it?

I went to the oh so cosmopolitan Bibigo to celebrate the launch of the latest DrJart+ additions and their Korean heritage (FYI I’d highly recommend this restaurant).

Dr Jart+ pride themselves on their dermatological and cosmetic roots. Their philosophy is to deliver ‘scientifically proven skincare solutions to promote healthy, beautiful skin’. It’s important to understand different skin types and concerns.

So what did they bring to the table? Three stunning ranges tailored to meet all skin bug bears:

V7 Vitamin Solution (for sensitive skin)
– A regenerating six step solution offering skin repair with the use of seven essential vitamins. Reducing hyper-pigmentation, blemishes and signs of stress.

Most Moist (for dry skin)
– A hydrating four step solution preventing excess moisture loss and strengthening the barrier of the skin.

Pore Refine (for oil control)
– A non-irritating six step solution focused on pore and sebum control whilst removing impurities.

All ranges provide simple steps towards great skin. You can purchase DrJart+ products from Boots stores nationwide and online.

And what about the food? Oh my, it was delicious and the portions were HUGE, I was full after my seafood pancake starter (yay for seafood). I’d highly recommend Bibigo…I already said that didn’t I?

Love, Ms.Rae xo

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