Dame Vivienne Westwood is undoubtedly the Queen of Punk Rock fashion. Does a combination of loud tartan, customised tees and bondage boots ring any bells?

Travel back in time to 1970’s Britain; when taboos were broken by the outspoken Sex Pistols, and punk ideologies were creeping onto the scene. Vivienne Westwood partnered with Malcom Maclaren on her first three controversial ranges. She rejected the popular hippy look, challenged politics and embraced the new voice of society. Here we saw music and fashion intrinsically linked; as punk rock culture made its mark.

The Westwood movement paved the way for British Designers; encouraging expression and creativity. It’s all about dressing the way you want to dress. A true sense of non-conformity at its best.

34 years on, the Westwood mantra remains as powerful as it was when it first came onto the scene. Vivienne Westwood is a cultural icon in her own right, and continues to break fashion and beauty boundaries.

Oh, and does she even age?!

Love, Ms.Rae xo

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