“Purple reigns!” “Purple is the colour du jour!” “Purple is this season’s colour!”…You’ve read about it in magazines, seen it splashed all over the stores, read various blogs about it ruling the runway, and witnessed your friends purchase that quintessential item. But what if you don’t really like purple? No-one is saying that you have to pay homage to Barney The Dinosaur in head-to-toe purple *insert sigh of relief*. There are many ways of incorporating various shades even if it’s just a splash…

I’ve been talking about offsets since my teenage years (that makes me sound old doesn’t it?) An offset refers to the idea that you can add a mismatched colour to your outfit. For example, wearing a black dress with gold shoes. Why not add a purple offset to your outfit? For a casual twist, try a pair of funky purple trainers on for size (the pun was irresistible).

[ASOS Nike Blazer Low Purple Trainers – £65]

Jewellery stands as a chic way to add colour to your outfit. If you really want to hone in on the regal essence of purple, opt for some opulent costume jewellery. Just picture yourself swanning around gracefully at a party in an LBD, blowing air kisses – Audrey Hepburn style.

[Carolee Amethyst Triple Stone Drop Earrings, Gold/Purple – £35]

You could easily add some purple love to an outfit with bags, hats, scarves, gloves, belts and the list goes on! And hey, accessories don’t even have to be all purple. You could add a hint of purple to your evening outfit with a purple-infused clutch.

Nails can be seen as an extension of our outfits – I feel like my outfit isn’t complete unless my nails look good. Bring a sense of AW12 to your hands with a splash of purple polish.

[Similar shade: Wild About Beauty Archie – £9]

You’re actually more likely to catch me in purple lipstick than a purple top. I’m not sure whether this is because I can’t really see the purple section of my wardrobe as its located in the far corner, or whether I’m not really a purple girl. Either way, a swipe of berrytastic lippy makes me feel oh so Autumn/Winter and provides a nice alternative to my trademark pinks and nudes.

[Similar shade: MAC Cyber – £14 ]

Wear purple your way.

Love, Ms.Rae xo

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