My love for high fashion began with Gucci. I remember watching Fashion TV for hours on end as a teenager and getting super excited when the Gucci shows aired. For me, fashion in its greatest form is a combination of wearable glamour with an urban kick, and the well-loved brand certainly embodies this idea. I have always been big on brand identity. Overcomplicating the essence of a brand makes positioning far more difficult than it should be, and for that reason Gucci has recently simplified its mantra to three words: ‘Seduction. Powerful. Accomplished.’ It’s oh so simple, yet oh so effective.

In the past decade or so, we have seen the 90 year old Italian label twist, turn and evolve under the creative direction of Tom Ford, Alessandra Fachinetti and Frida Giannini, yet the slick Gucci look has remained as strong as ever.

The nineties in particular stood as an especially pivotal era for The House of Gucci; Tom Ford completely reinvented the label by injecting an innate sense of jet set glamour with sharp tailoring and sleek dresses. Some say it was here that the creative genius made his name. Ford was extremely instrumental in the making of the sultry, sophisticated Gucci style that I know and love.

Georgina Grenville for GUCC 1996,Testino 4 sqbikbjXkS0WAnXu tumblr_lrbu8ve9mh1qzjlfro1_500


Oh, you’ll always be my first love Gucci.

Love, Ms.Rae xo

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