It’s the season of love *cue Barry White – My First, My Last, My Everything*.

The shops are filled with roses, fragrance, jewellery, lingerie, chocolates, and cards addressed to the you love. And I must confess, I’m in love. But this is no ordinary love, oh no it’s more of an extraordinary love. A love that seemingly knows no price restraints (read bounds). A love that can indeed be bought. OK, maybe it’s a little superficial but hey.

Lately, I have been swooning over a plethora of sense-appeasing products from a super-hydrating face cream full of natural active ingredients, to SS13 nail lacquers. So, it’s only right that I publicly declare my love for the fashion and beauty wonders that have been giving me some serious butterflies.

i love

— Stockists —

1. Internacionale Black Zebra Edge Cardigan – 22.99

2. ASOS Priority Pointed Heels – £45

3. New Look 2 Pack Monochrome Spike Bracelets – £3.99

4. Topshop Wrap Panel Bodycon Dress – £40

5. Topshop Quilted Box Chain Bag – £28

6. Warehouse Tie Dye Leggings – £25

7. Orly Nail Lacquer in ‘La Vida Loca’ – £10.25

8. Katherine Botanicals Beauty Treatment – £18.75

9. Benefit Full-finish Lipstick in ‘Slow Zone’ – £14

1o. Just Cavalli Eau de Toilette – £30

11. Orly Nail Lacquer in ‘Monroe’s Red’ – £10.25

And they said ‘money can’t buy love’.

Love, Ms.Rae xo

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