Is there anyone out there that likes blemishes? I think it’s fair to say that no-one does. Spots are an issue, but when they so kindly leave their mark on your face the battle becomes greater.

photo (1)

I’m always on the hunt for fuss-free, blemish-combatting, skincare and Skinetica (£9.99) is all of that and more. It’s non-allergenic, and completely free from the nasties à la benzoyl peroxide, sulphur and salycic acid. Who wants to put acid on their face? Not me.

No-nonsense Skinetica works best on clean skin. Use enough of the formula to cover the affected areas using a cotton pad. Once applied, let your skin dry naturally. The best time to apply it is at night after you have washed and dried your face, and in the morning after using facial wash. It will even carry on working after you have used moisturisers and make-up. It carries on working for up to 12 hours after application. Now if that isn’t fuss free, I don’t know what is.

The formula is as light and refreshing, with a soothing minty scent that instantly calms the senses. And the best bit? You can use it on any skin area: so that’s your face, neck, chest, back, legs and arms. I have only been using the blemish fighter for 2 weeks and I have already begun to see a positive change in my skin. Those pesky blemishes are on their way out, and my skin is evidently clearer.

Bye bye blemishes.

Love, Ms.Rae xo

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