Have you ever imagined yourself starring in a high energy Dolce and Gabanna campaign? Or what about a romantic Calvin Klein fragrance TV ad? I certainly have. I used to imagine myself set in black and white; frolicking along an exotic beach with my love interest in slow motion. After frolicking, I would look intently into the camera and whisper “Eternity For Women by Calvin Klein” – Yes, I have a vivid imagination I know.

Advertising is powerful, and it goes without saying that a brand’s most important task is to stay memorable. Take a Calvin Klein fragrance ad for example, everyone knows that it will feature a sultry voiceover telling us the name of the fragrance at the end of the video. It’s the Calvin Klein way.

Naturally, the most successful luxury fashion and beauty ads are the ones that stay in the viewer’s mind. Ones that create personal connections. Here are my favourites:

1. Calvin Klein Eternity, 1988 – starring Christy Turlington. There’s nothing quite as romantic as black and white. It’s nostalgic yet timeless.

2. J’adore by Dior, 2011 – starring Charlize Theron. That strut, oh that strut. Ms Theron is

3. Missoni Spring/Summer, 2011 – starring Leighton Meester, and Missoni family and friends. Now this is what you call VIBRANT. The collection screamed wearability irrespective of dress size or age.

4. Chanel No.5, 2005 – starring Nicole Kidman. A couture love story set in the city of love. What more could one want?

5. Lanvin Autumn/Winter, 2011 – starring Racquel Zimmerman and Karen Elson. The fact that they’re dancing makes me extremely happy.

6. Yves Saint Laurent Opium, 1986 – starring Linda Evangelista. Power dressing? Check. Original Supermodel? Check. Fanciful 1980’s nature? Check.

Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll star in that notoriously romantic black and white Calvin Klein fragrance ad. A girl can dream.

Love, Ms. Rae xo

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