There’s nothing like a great pair of full, eye-enhancing falsies. They instantly add a sense of va va voom. For me, they should add length and volume without looking obviously fake. I’m all for enhancing what’s already there, and that motto goes for make-up and hair too.

When choosing a pair of falsies I tend to opt for blendable thin strip styles – the aim is to give the impression that they’re growing out of my eyelids. It’s also important for me to have the option of adding volume with eyeliner/eyeshadow or mascara, or simply wearing them fresh out of the packet.

After centuries (slight exaggeration) of fussing and fighting with ill-fitting strip eyelashes, fiddly applications and pesky eyelash glue, I have come across one of the most foolproof lash brands to date.

photo (10)

Enter KISS Haute Couture Lashes– AKA ‘my new favourites’. These lightweight falsies come in single (£4.49), duo (£7.49) and multi packs (£16.99) in a range of styles from subtle individuals to voluminous strip styles that the TOWIE girls would be proud of. Each pack comes with unique tweezers for fast application. KISS Lashes can be curled, lengthened with mascara, cleaned, re-used and take no more than 2 minutes to apply – I’m a witness.

Fuller, longer, glamorous lashes in 2 minutes flat. I’m sold.

Love, Ms.Rae xo

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