The New Year ‘get fit quick’ and ‘detox me now!’ buzz is well and truly over. Thankfully, I haven’t fallen off the gym bandwagon. Workouts are now part of my weekly routine and are somewhat dare I say it…addictive? There’s nothing like the endorphin overload that workouts give me.

Not all of us are able to make time to go to the gym regularly and with that in mind, there are little helpers out there. Now, such helpers are not to be used as exercise alternatives, but as exercise boosters. They will tone and smooth key areas without you even breaking a sweat. The name? Nip + Fab. I have loved this brand for a while, there’s a product for every aesthetic bugbear whether it’s dark circles or cellulite. And they all work too!

Upper Arm Fix – £12.95


Whilst we may not all want to look like bodybuilding champions, toned arms are way up there on the ‘dream body’ list. This active ingredient-enriched gel formula promotes toning, and sculpting. Lecithin, synephrine and caffeine active help to define the upper arm area and to promote the smoothness of the skin.

Tummy Fix – £19.25


Britney washboard abs circa 2001 at the ready! This daily ab toner is formulated with AramaShape a synephrine, caffeine active and lecithin enriched complex with actively tightens, softens and hydrates the skin whilst eliminating fat cells and refinining body contours. For best results, use twice daily.

Cellulite Fix – £18.95


Oh cellulite, how we loathe you! Unfortunately, cellulite can be formed as a result of dramatic weight loss and weight fluctuation. Cellulite Fix use a cell active formula to sculpt the skin whilst promoting fat breakdown. Indian forskolin firms and promotes microcirculation, whilst caffeine active burns fat cells. And the best bit? The lightweight formula melts into your skin instantly, so you don’t have to worry about massaging it in. Why not add this wonder to your leg exercise agenda? Think leg press, squats, shower, Cellulite Fix.

Et voila, workout acceleration in a few circular hand motions.

Love, Ms. Rae xo

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