We all know how important hair is to me. It’s one of those things that has the power to make or break me *insert suspenseful fanfare* – okay, so that’s an exaggeration but it’s still important.

When it comes to having great hair, it’s all about looking good and staying put. This is where my new professional haircare range Neal & Wolf come in. Three wonder-products have taken over my dressing table this week: GUARD Heat Protection, GLOW Super Shine Spray and FIX Holding Spray.

photo (32)
GUARD (£10.95) Heat Protection is the best protectant that I have used. I’m not a fan of super sticky formulas that you can still feel after styling. Guard has a super light formula; it combats heat damage and locks in moisture with a silk protein complex formed with polymer guards and Meadowfoam seed oil for a glossy finish.

GLOW (£11.95) Super Shine Spray not only adds lustre, but also smoothes the hair, controls the frizz and reduces static – how annoying is it when your hair stands on end after straightening?!

FIX (£11.95) Holding Spray adds a healthy glow to your luscious locks whilst ensuring optimum long-lasting hold. Not one hair out of place friends, not one.
It’s a yes from me.

Love, Ms. Rae xo

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