Fitness is the name of the game on – it’s all about keeping fit and staying in shape.

I have recently got my hands on the Revoflex Xtreme Multi Use Resistance Exerciser (£29.99) (as seen on QVC) – a wonderful cardio contraption complete with a workout guide, travel bag, and a handy diet plan booklet.


The Revoflex Multiuse Resistance Exerciser targets specifics parts of your body depending on how you manoeuvre it. Similar to the benefits of a Cross Trainer machine, it simultaneously firms your bottom and thighs whilst toning your arms, shoulders, back and chest.


How? I hear you ask. The tension in the power assist bands provide resistance as you move forward, resulting in a more effective workout. When you move back, the tension is released which encourages the bands to contract, enabling you to return to your original position. When you move sideways, your sides are tightened and strengthened. These motions encourage positive and negative resistance in order to target your core muscles including the upper, middle and lower abs.

You really feel the burn as you pull the power assist bands. And the best bit? It’s an effective workout that can be done wherever and whenever. Hello convenient fitness.

Love, Ms.Rae xo

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