Summer has officially arrived! Things were not looking too good for us Brits, but we have been experiencing some sweltering temperatures over the past few days and we’re all loving it.

I reshuffled my wardrobe last night and moved the knitwear to the back and the black items to the…sike, black is an all year round colour for me! Dresses, skirts and shorts are now in full view and I can now see the gaps in my summer wardrobe (loose emphasis on ‘gaps’). Summer shopping trip, anyone?

Here are my top summer picks of the week:


Topshop Festival Brow Sunglasses – £16

ASOS Hong Kong Heeled Sandals – £45

New Look Mixed Metallic Plate Chunky Chain Bracelet – £8.99

River Island Blue Ombre Floral Print Trousers – £35

River Island Bright Blue Shirred Texture Tube Skirt – £20

H&M Tan Leather Gladiator Sandals – £7.99

H&M Gold Necklace – £7.99

H&M Floral Jersey Dress – £7.99

Topshop Elephant Print Skater Skirt – £28

Miss Selfridge Mia Coral Split Wedges – £42

Topshop Lime Strappy Cami – £18

Love, Ms. Rae xo

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