MAC Lightness of Being Collection
What would candyrae.com be without need-to-know beauty updates? Hmm, I shan’t ponder on that one. Without further adieu, here’s the first M.A.C update for 2015 *insert multiple cheers*:

The limited edition M.A.C Lightness of Being collection is on counter as of…now! If you haven’t heard about this ‘welcome to Spring’ type collection, you’ve come to the right place.
MAC Lightness of Being Collection for Winter
M.A.C Lightness of Being is all about the transition from winter to spring (in the beauty world, that is). A carefree collection inspires by whimsical flights of fancy, and the stuff that beauty dreams are made of. Pastels take centre stage in some way or another every Spring and this year is no different. Push those dark shades aside, and make room for the likes of pearlised champagne, frosted lavender, creamy coral, and pale mint green. Sheer pastel eyes, dewy cheeks, rosy lips, and nude nails are the way to go this season.

Mineralize Rich Lipstick, Mineralize Glass, Mineralize Eye Shadow, Mineralize Skin Finish, Mineralize Blush, M.A.C Studio Nail Lacquer, Eye Pencil, and Brushes: RRP £10-£34.50.

Available at all M.A.C locations, and maccosmetics.co.uk.

Fancy free.

Love, Ms.Rae xo

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