I’ve recently come across the oh-so fantastic Merchant Gourmet. Well known for bringing speciality ingredients such as dried porcini mushrooms, and sundried tomatoes to the mass market. The ready to eat Merchant Gourmet range features innovative mixes. It’s all about healthy grains and pulses that don’t scrimp on flavour.

The best bit? All healthy mixes are low carb, low GI, and contains three times as much fibre as brown rice. You’ll feel energised, and fuller for longer. All in favour of not feeling hungry every second of the day, say I! *hand raise*.


So far, Merchant Gourmet Freekeh (£2.00) is my favourite mix. Freekeh refers to a roasting process made from processed durum wheat that is harvested whilst still young, soft and green. The stalks are roasted and smoked over open wood fires to preserve nutritional value and vibrant taste before being hulled. Freekeh retains higher levels of protein, fibre and minerals than those usually found in mature wheat. It has a full and smoky aroma, and tastes good too. The perfect rice or couscous replacement. Think Middle Eastern recipes, salad additions, veggie burgers, risottos, pilaffs, and paellas.

Check out Merchant Gourmet Grains, Red Rice, and Quinoa Mix, Merchant Gourmet Spelt, Merchant Gourmet Lentil Du Berry Porcini and Thyme too. Simply warm them up, or eat them cold. The healthy yet yummy possibilities are endless.

Available from Sainsburys stores nationwide.

You get what you put in – it’s true, and that goes for food too.

Love, Ms.Rae xo

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