Happy Friday to one and all!

The sun’s shining, and thankfully the temperature’s much cooler than it was on Wednesday (I’m sure my fellow UK glam bunnies will feel my pain on this). Heat with a gentle breeze – I can do, but extreme humidity with NO breeze whatsoever? Absolutely not.

“Wait – hot weather…in England?” I hear my glam friends say overseas. Yes, believe it or not we’re currently experiencing the biggest heatwave known to mankind…or at least that’s what it feels like anyway.

Seeing as I’m feeling the sunny season in general let’s take a look at Jenny Packham’s Pre-Spring 2016 collection.



The Pre-collection colour story features Petrol, Lunar, Pumpkin, Honeybee, Marshmallow, Snowdrop, Morello, Sugar, White, Cobalt, Zinc, and Ivory. Now, if that doesn’t sound like a Spring dream in itself, I don’t know what does.


Packham draws on her notoriously dreamy transcending ‘day-to-evening wear’ style, with bold co-ords, statement beaded floor-length gowns, floaty whites, funky floral halters, wispy chiffon maxi skirts, Indian-inspired high collar-deep vees, and chic embellished waist belts.



Oh, I love. I just love.

Love Ms.Raé xo

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