Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the Ports 1961 Bee Sneaker for Womenswear Spring/Summer 2016 and Pre-Fall 2016?

Ports 1961 champion the signature shoe’s raw cut, and distinctive wrapped, hand-knotted and hand-stitched bow detailing. The wear-with-everything Bee Sneaker (also known as the ‘Bow Sneaker’) features a chunky vulcanised rubber midsole for comfort and durability.

We will be absolutely spoilt for choice as Spring/Summer 2016 wonders Mustard goatskin suede, Tan goatskin suede, Khaki goatskin suede, Navy goatskin suede, and Black goatskin suede welcome the lovely Powder pink lambskin leather, and Burgundy lambskin leather for Pre-Fall 2016. Whilst the black, gold, and silver lambskin leather styles are available continuously, season to season.

Ports 1961 are also set to launch another version of the Bee Sneaker to headline its upcoming Resort 2017 womenswear collection. You heard it here first.

Sophisticated style with a modern twist.

Ports 1961 bee sneaker 7

Ports 1961 bee sneaker 8

Ports 1961 bee sneaker 9

Ports 1961 bee sneaker 10

Ports 1961 bee sneaker 11

Ports 1961 bee sneaker 12

Ports 1961 bee sneaker 13

Love, Ms.Raé xo

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