Manhattan Portage

We all have those days when we only need to carry the bare necessities in our bags. Our quintessential shoulder bags or man bags won’t do, and neither will our trusty totes. Days like these call for something casual and small, but large enough to hold a purse, keys, powder, lipstick, and maybe even a mini brush. Or wallet, keys, and perhaps some shades for the gents.

Enter the City Lights bag by Manhattan Portage. Part of the Central Collection, this bag has been designed to ‘serve all walks and runs of urban and city life.’

The new energetic Central Collection is derived from the essential DNA of Manhattan Portage’s Heritage Red Label Collection but at a more accessible price point to serve a wider Manhattan Portage community.

Retailing at £27-£42, the mini cross-body City Lights bag features a shoulder strap (with the option of fixing it to a belt loop), a large main compartment, and a small zippered compartment for keys, and cards. The unisex bag comes in Camo (my favourite), Purple, Silver, Blue, Yellow, Green, Burgundy, Brown, Tan, Orange, Leopard print, Plaid, and key heritage colours – Red, Navy, Grey, Black and Olive; with a lightweight yet long-lasting fabric choice of water-resistant CORDURA® (known for its exceptional durability), water-resistant Waxed canvas, and water-resistant Tarpaulin vinyl.

With clever craftmanship and a variety of colours and fabrics, Manhattan Portage’s ‘New York Tough’ philosophy ensures that your ‘bare necessity bag’ will withstand the test of time…and daily life.

Manhattan Portage

Manhattan Portage Manhattan Portage Manhattan Portage Manhattan Portage Manhattan Portage   Manhattan Portage


Grab and go.

Love, Ms.Raé xo


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