jml simply straight brush

Ladies, convenient beauty is the name of the game nowadays. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day for girls on the go, and you’re anything like me, you’ll try any contraption or formula that claims to cut down your getting ready time.

I love wearing my hair bone straight, but sometimes the thought of having to wait for it to dry (after washing it) and then having to spend a considerable amount of time straightening it strand by strand just doesn’t seem appealing.

This is where the JML Simply Straight Brush (£39.99) comes in and saves the day. The almost prodigious idea of an affordable alternative to traditional straighteners that simultaneously brushes and straightens my hair without damaging it is music to my ears – the JML Simply Straight Brush does just that.

Specifically designed to be able to effortlessly style the back of your hair as easily as the front, it features ceramic-coated bristles, an LCD display digital temperature control with a heat range of 150c-185c to combine the power of a straightener with the gentle detangling and styling ability of a brush.

The styling tool also features an auto shut-off safety feature; perfect for those crazy mornings that have you rushing out of your bedroom in a hurry, and accidentally leaving your straighteners on. Guilty.

This handy beauty essential is suitable for all types. The ceramic-coated bristles lift hair at the root to deliver gentle heat around every strand. Smoothing and relaxing the hair whilst maintaining its natural volume. It’s also compact which is perfect for travel, and last-minute styling.

Dry your hair if wet, set the temperature to suit your hair type, and glide through with ease.

Et voilà, sleek hair minus the potential heat damage. It makes perfect sense.

Available at JML Direct, Boots, Superdrug, and Debenhams.

JML Simply Straight Brush

JML Simply Straight Brush

JML Simply Straight Brush

JML Simply Straight Brush

Love, Ms.Raé xo

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