London’s First Paloma Cocktail Bar

cantina laredo

This month, the streets of Covent Garden welcome London’s newest cocktail pop-up bar, The Paloma Parlour. Hosted by modern Mexican restaurant, Cantina Laredo, the pop-up provides an authentic taste of Mexico, with a dedicated Paloma cocktail menu featuring fruity flavours and an enhanced food menu with a special guacamole.

Running until September, Cantina Laredo has transformed its Guacamole and Tequila Bar into a fun summer oasis, decorated in colourful flora and fauna where guests are taken on a tropical journey without having to step foot out of the country.

The unique cocktail menu features five unique variations of Mexico’s most popular tequila based cocktail, The Paloma. Traditionally served on the rocks using tequila, lime and grapefruit soda, guests can choose from a herbal, sweet, and frozen versions. Some of the tasty options are: Pedro to my Paloma, a herbal mix of Ambar Blanco Tequila, blood orange grapefruit, agave nectar and rosemary; Paloma’s Raspberry Beret, a combination of sweet, savoury and sour flavours with Ambar Blanco tequila, fresh grapefruit, cucumber and raspberries; Paloma and The Poms, a predominantly sweet concoction of pomegranate, vanilla and mint, and Have a Little Frozen Faith, a frozen Paloma cocktail made with AquaRiva Reposado tequila, grapefruit, passion fruit and agave nectar.

In the food department, an exclusive Pomelo Paloma Guacamole has been added to Cantina Laredo’s eclectic ‘Great Eight Guacamole’ menu. Featuring a traditional avocado base this summery guacamole is topped with pink and white grapefruit, sweet onions, serrano chiles, cucumber and thyme with popping candy bites set to give it an extra kick.

cantina laredo

cantina laredo

cantina laredo

Summer itinerary, sorted.

10 Upper St Martin’s Lane

Love, Ms.Raé xo


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