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primark workout makeup

High street favourite Primark have made a noteworthy addition to their beauty offering with the launch of their fitness-friendly cosmetics range – PS Workout.

Whilst some fit chicks work out sans make-up without fail, there are times when that just isn’t an option for the rest of the #fitfam – especially when you have to squeeze a lunchtime session into a busy working day.

Primark’s new PS Workout cosmetics is great for time-sensitive diaries, and those days when you just want an extra glow and a little pop on your cardio and weights days.

Stand up to sweat with lightweight, longwearing, natural finish make-up for face, eyes, and lips.

The extremely purse-friendly 11-piece collection features perspiration-proof and splash-proof formulas in nice and neutral colours designed to enhance natural beauty whilst withstanding your workout.

PS Workout’s hero products include a foundation stick with enough coverage to hide imperfections and a lightweight finish that provides a natural- looking glow, a sweat-resistant powder with a matte finish that will keep you looking fresh-faced throughout your gym session, a protecting SPF 50 lip balm formulated vitamin E and shea butter for outdoor workouts, and waterproof eyeliner for subtle definition.

The full collection consists of aptly-named Lip Fix Matte Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick (£2.00), Finish Line Water Resistant Eyeliner (£1.00), Shape Up Lip Liner (£1.00), No Sweat Sweat Resistant Mattifying Face Pressed Powder (£2.00), Splash Proof Waterproof Mascara (£2.00), Lightweight Foundation Stick (£2.50), and Workout Vit Me Lip balm (£1.00).

Available at Primark stores nationwide, and via stockists on 0118 9606 300.

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primark workout makeup  primark workout makeup primark workout makeup primark workout makeup primark workout makeup

Purse-friendly indeed.

Love, Ms.Raé xo


jml simply straight brush

Ladies, convenient beauty is the name of the game nowadays. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day for girls on the go, and you’re anything like me, you’ll try any contraption or formula that claims to cut down your getting ready time.

I love wearing my hair bone straight, but sometimes the thought of having to wait for it to dry (after washing it) and then having to spend a considerable amount of time straightening it strand by strand just doesn’t seem appealing.

This is where the JML Simply Straight Brush (£39.99) comes in and saves the day. The almost prodigious idea of an affordable alternative to traditional straighteners that simultaneously brushes and straightens my hair without damaging it is music to my ears – the JML Simply Straight Brush does just that.

Specifically designed to be able to effortlessly style the back of your hair as easily as the front, it features ceramic-coated bristles, an LCD display digital temperature control with a heat range of 150c-185c to combine the power of a straightener with the gentle detangling and styling ability of a brush.

The styling tool also features an auto shut-off safety feature; perfect for those crazy mornings that have you rushing out of your bedroom in a hurry, and accidentally leaving your straighteners on. Guilty.

This handy beauty essential is suitable for all types. The ceramic-coated bristles lift hair at the root to deliver gentle heat around every strand. Smoothing and relaxing the hair whilst maintaining its natural volume. It’s also compact which is perfect for travel, and last-minute styling.

Dry your hair if wet, set the temperature to suit your hair type, and glide through with ease.

Et voilà, sleek hair minus the potential heat damage. It makes perfect sense.

Available at JML Direct, Boots, Superdrug, and Debenhams.

JML Simply Straight Brush

JML Simply Straight Brush

JML Simply Straight Brush

JML Simply Straight Brush

Love, Ms.Raé xo


Dear longstanding M.A.C fragrance fans,

M.A.C’s new version of Air of Style is set to be extremely popular this season. The aptly named scent encourages the wearer to ‘be bold and to walk confidently with an air of style’.

Whilst the fragrance has been described as a ‘lush white floral scent’, it also features a contemporary juxtaposition of warm woody, leather and spicy notes too.

An opening of dried red dates, wild peonies, and white pepper set the tone, followed by a bouquet-like heart of absolute tuberose, orange blossom, jasmine, ylang-ylang and orris. A background of leather blended with rare woods add depth whilst vertiver aligns itself with creamy hints of tonka beans and golden drops of amber crystals to finish.

M.A.C Air of Style comes in three sizes: 6ml rollerball (£14), 20ml (£20), and 50 ml (£35). Available at all M.A.C locations, 0370 034 2676, and

‘Just one spritz will turn any stride into a strut’.

Love, Ms.Raé xo


Are you interested in looking refreshed and revitalised even when you don’t get as much sleep as you plan to? If so, read on!

This Works have released a new wellbeing beauty range called Sleep Plus+ Body.


Touted as the next step in sleep, the range is designed to maximise your sleep whilst targeting tackle skincare problems too. Clinically proven to increase sleep by up to 2 hours.

Each sleep-enhancing product uses motion activated technology and releases the brand’s award-winning Lavender-based ‘Deep Sleep fragrance’ throughout the night to ease away sleeplessness, and to encourage refreshed and revitalise skin.

Available on

..and refresh.

Love, Ms.Raé xo


Dearest beauty bunnies,

I hope you’ve had a fabulous start to 2016 so far. What better way to kickstart the new year than with a new range from one of my personal skincare favourites: NUXE?

Introducing the NUXE Splendieuse range – designed to refresh the skin, revitalise the skin, and even out your complexion. The range includes: NUXE Splendiuese Serum 30ml (£33), NUXE Splendieuse Cream 50ml (£30), NUXE Splendiuese Fluid 50ml (£30), and NUXE Splendiuese Anti-Dark Spot Perfecting Mask – x6 sachets x 21ml (£30).


Let’s hone in on the NUXE Splendieuse Anti-Dark Spot Perfecting Mask in particular. This brightening and pigmentation wonder features x6 individually cut cotton sheet masks infused with super-ingredients such as Stargazer Lilys, Porcelain Rose, White Crocus, and Vitamin C that all work together to encourage instantaneous skin-perfecting and radiance revival. The 85% natural complex targets blemishes, age spots, sun spots, hormonal change spots and everything in between.

To use:
Gently cleanse your face and pat dry with a clean cotton towel. Firmly place one NUXE Splendieuse Anti-Dark Spot Perfecting cotton sheet mask onto your face, making sure that the mask adheres well to the skin. Leave it on to work for 10 minutes, then remove the mask carefully and massage in any leftover essence. Use weekly for best results.

Et voilà! After just 10 minutes, the skin perfection process begins. The skin regains its radiance and freshness, and the appearance and number of dark spots are visibly reduced day by day; leaving you with a clear complexion and a fresher look all-round.

Suitable for women of all ages and skin types.

Available from, and Marks and Spencer instore and online.

Say hello to brighter skin in 2016.

Love, Ms.Raé xo



Hear ye, hear ye, Ms.Rae dost hath a M.A.C pronouncement for all!

M.A.C’s limited edition Magic of the Night holiday collection is available today.

Side note: I can’t believe it’s November already, where has this year gone?


M.A.C Magic of the Night is the perfect evening collection for the upcoming holiday season. Jazz up your makeup bag with a range of intense highlighters, bronzers, pigments, eyeliners, lipsticks and lip pencils. Mix and match deep smoky hues with muted tones. Go bold with rich colour-full pigments, and finish off with metallic highlight and an all-round shimmering glow.

The enchanting collection features the following:


M.A.C In Extra Dimension Skinfinish (£26.50) in Oh Darling – metallic gold and Shaft of Gold – deep bronze


M.A.C Colour-drenched Pigments with a frost finish (£18) in Night Thrill – gold shimmer, Ascent of Glamour – cobalt violet-blue, Tonight’s The Night – deep blackened teal, Moon is Blue – royal blue, and No Taboos – blackened blue


M.A.C Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner (£17.50) in Petrol Blue, and Black Swan


Matte and Amplified Lipsticks (£17.50) in Please Me – matte muted rosy-tinted pink, All Fired Up – matte bright fuschia, Evening Rendezvous – matte deep reddish purple, and Dark Side – amplified deep burgundy


M.A.C Lip Pencils (£13.50) in Redd – clear red, and Nightmoth – blackened plum

The rich pigmentation alone is enough to make your makeup-loving heart race, not to mention the stunning shade choices. Did you notice that the lipstick range includes some firm favourites too? Get in there while you can.

Available on counter today at all M.A.C locations, 0870 034 2676, and

Love, Ms.Raé xo


Brows, brows, brows. It’s all about great brows.

Instagram and YouTube are full of quick tutorials on how to obtain beautiful brows, and well-loved beauty brand Eylure have just introduced some brow-enhancing products that will speed up the process.

Step up and stay on top of your brow game with the new Eylure Brow Tamer collection. This new range features the Eylure Brow Amplifier (£9.95), Eylure Brow Luminizer (£7.45), Eylure Brush & Wand Duo (£6.50), and Eylure Brow Comb Tweezers (£12.50).

60 08 126- Eylure Brow Amplifier Dark Brown (Bottle 1)60 08 125- Eylure Brow Amplifier Mid Brown (Bottle 1)60 08 124- Eylure Brow Amplifier Blonde (Bottle 1)

The Eylure Brow Ampflier is my favourite. It comes in three shades: Dark Brown, Mid Brown, and Blonde. The long lasting brush-on fibre gel defines and highlights the brows whilst intensifying colour and (most importantly) keeping everything in place.

Eylure BrowLuminizer2HR      60 08 060- Eylure Brush and Wand Duo (Out of Pack)  cutmypic

The Eylure Brow Luminizer adds a little luminosity to either the apex of your brows or to the brow bone. One end of the highlighter pencil is matte, and the other end is shimmery; great for switching it up as you please. Whilst the Eylure Brush & Wand Duo, and Eylure Brow Comb Tweezers are the perfect tools to primp, preen and keep those beautiful brows in line (pun actually intended).

Available at Superdrug and on

Go get ‘em!

Love, Ms.Raé xo