Candy Rae Goes Timeless


audrey hepburn louis vuitton speedy bag

Trends come and go, but there are some brands who will almost certainly stand the test of time. In the ever-changing yet equally cyclical world of fashion the only way to stay relevant is to continually adapt, reinvent and inspire whilst staying on-brand. One pioneering brand who has done so since the very early days of luxury fashion is none other than Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton is the second oldest luxury fashion house (Hermès being the first). The brainchild of Mr. Louis Vuitton himself, the brand started on its way in 1854. Vuitton was a trunk maker and packer by trade who started his own workshop, solely serving the French elite. He crafted his game-changing trunks with canvas in the iconic monogram and damier prints.

Clearly passing down an unmatched eye for detail, Vuitton’s son Georges went on to introduce the first Louis Vuitton weekend bag, the Keepall; which was large enough for an overnight stay yet compact enough for light travel.

The bag offering later expanded with the release of one of my personal favourites, the iconic Speedy. Originally introduced by Georges in 1930, the Speedy climbed the style ranks in 1965 when Audrey Hepburn wore the 25cm version (a size she personally asked Vuitton to create). The Speedy range later expanded; featuring the 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, and 40cm versions.

The famed Alma, Noé, Neverfull handbags followed, with the introduction of the next generation – the Capucines, Twist, Petite Malle and many more in recent years.

Without forgetting decades of timeless clothing, footwear, jewellery/timepieces, fragrances, small leather goods, and travel lines, it goes without saying that Louis Vuitton is most famed for its revolutionary handbags. From the most affordable Pochette Accessoires (RRP £310) all the way through to the splash the cash Limited Edition City Steamer (RRP £41,444), there’s something for everyone.

louis vuitton keepall


louis vuitton speedy 25


louis vuitton alma

louis vuitton petite malle


Let’s face it, what’s a handbag collection without Louis Vuitton?

Love, Ms.Raé xo


Versace always has and always will be one of my favourite brands. You can’t beat that bold, sassy, Italian glamour that the megabrand exudes. As far as timeless fashion throwbacks go, Versace is always at the top of my list.

When someone says ’90’s Versace’ what comes to mind? For me, it’s the original supermodelS: Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer, and the rest of the stunning squad. Secondly, I see prints galore namely leopard print, baroque print, and chain print all juxtaposed together in an array of bold brights. Then I see lots of chunky gold jewellery, accessories and detailing. Lastly, poses. Strong, sassy angles and faces that instantly capture your attention.

The late Gianni Versace was a creative mastermind. He was the first designer to effortlessly link fashion to the music industry. Some of his most famous 90’s music industry credits included costume design for Michael Jackson’s HIStory Tour, 2Pac’s custom designed gold medallions, and a powerful partnership with Madonna as the face of Versace. The fashion house was also awarded the American Fashion Oscar in 1993, and quite rightly so.

Let’s take a trip back to the high energy ‘Gianni Versace 90s era’:








The best thing about this timeless brand is the fact that although the trends evolve over the time, the Versace look and feel transcends through the seasons.

90s Versace, I’ll love you forever.

Love, Ms.Raé xo



Have you ever imagined yourself starring in a high energy Dolce and Gabanna campaign? Or what about a romantic Calvin Klein fragrance TV ad? I certainly have. I used to imagine myself set in black and white; frolicking along an exotic beach with my love interest in slow motion. After frolicking, I would look intently into the camera and whisper “Eternity For Women by Calvin Klein” – Yes, I have a vivid imagination I know.

Advertising is powerful, and it goes without saying that a brand’s most important task is to stay memorable. Take a Calvin Klein fragrance ad for example, everyone knows that it will feature a sultry voiceover telling us the name of the fragrance at the end of the video. It’s the Calvin Klein way.

Naturally, the most successful luxury fashion and beauty ads are the ones that stay in the viewer’s mind. Ones that create personal connections. Here are my favourites:

1. Calvin Klein Eternity, 1988 – starring Christy Turlington. There’s nothing quite as romantic as black and white. It’s nostalgic yet timeless.

2. J’adore by Dior, 2011 – starring Charlize Theron. That strut, oh that strut. Ms Theron is

3. Missoni Spring/Summer, 2011 – starring Leighton Meester, and Missoni family and friends. Now this is what you call VIBRANT. The collection screamed wearability irrespective of dress size or age.

4. Chanel No.5, 2005 – starring Nicole Kidman. A couture love story set in the city of love. What more could one want?

5. Lanvin Autumn/Winter, 2011 – starring Racquel Zimmerman and Karen Elson. The fact that they’re dancing makes me extremely happy.

6. Yves Saint Laurent Opium, 1986 – starring Linda Evangelista. Power dressing? Check. Original Supermodel? Check. Fanciful 1980’s nature? Check.

Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll star in that notoriously romantic black and white Calvin Klein fragrance ad. A girl can dream.

Love, Ms. Rae xo



Ladies and gentlemen, Candy Rae presents the first Timeless post of the year! *pops leftover party popper*. Seeing as it’s Throwback Thursday in the social media stratosphere, it’s the perfect opportunity to pay homage to an iconic fashion brand.

Travel back in time to the Swinging Sixties, when Britain was all about The Beatles, Twiggy and social revolutions. Daring designer Mary Quant introduced a shorter hem length that would change fashion forever. She injected a new bold, carefree attitude into fashion which mirrored social movements at the time. Paying close attention to her customers, she offered trendy yet affordable pieces. Quant favoured practical styles that you could move freely in, and would customise skirts and dresses to the lengths that her customers desired. She claims that it was the girls who visited her Kings Road store that created the mini-skirt. “I wore them very short and the customers would say, shorter, shorter!” Quant stated. She later went on to name the coveted skirt after her favourite car, The Mini.

Although the mini-skirt is said to have been in development by designers in former years, Quant’s mini is now seen as one of the most defining fashion moments of the sixties, along with hotpants; which the innovator also introduced. The British fashion icon promoted individuality and believed that fashion should not be taken too seriously. Hear hear!





[Photo credit |Getty Images]

And what about the iconic bob, patterned tights, smoky eyes and waterproof mascara?! Thank you, Mary.

Love, Ms.Rae xo



My love for high fashion began with Gucci. I remember watching Fashion TV for hours on end as a teenager and getting super excited when the Gucci shows aired. For me, fashion in its greatest form is a combination of wearable glamour with an urban kick, and the well-loved brand certainly embodies this idea. I have always been big on brand identity. Overcomplicating the essence of a brand makes positioning far more difficult than it should be, and for that reason Gucci has recently simplified its mantra to three words: ‘Seduction. Powerful. Accomplished.’ It’s oh so simple, yet oh so effective.

In the past decade or so, we have seen the 90 year old Italian label twist, turn and evolve under the creative direction of Tom Ford, Alessandra Fachinetti and Frida Giannini, yet the slick Gucci look has remained as strong as ever.

The nineties in particular stood as an especially pivotal era for The House of Gucci; Tom Ford completely reinvented the label by injecting an innate sense of jet set glamour with sharp tailoring and sleek dresses. Some say it was here that the creative genius made his name. Ford was extremely instrumental in the making of the sultry, sophisticated Gucci style that I know and love.

Georgina Grenville for GUCC 1996,Testino 4 sqbikbjXkS0WAnXu tumblr_lrbu8ve9mh1qzjlfro1_500


Oh, you’ll always be my first love Gucci.

Love, Ms.Rae xo


Valentino is among fashion’s elite. Think Italian, think luxury, think Couture. The brand mantra is built on timeless glamour, stunning craftmanship and effortless elegance.
Valentino Garavani celebrated his 50th anniversary this year, and what an amazing 50 years it has been. The fashion maestro has dressed many a Hollywood starlet from Sophia Loren to Selena Gomez. With the likes of Sophia Loren and Grace Kelly as muses, it’s no wonder that the stunning designs are synonymous with sophistication.

And what about Jackie Kennedy’s wedding dress? I always find myself ooh’ing and ahh’ing whenever I come across that sixties Bridal masterpiece. The fabric, the shape, the detailing – Oh, just divine.

Although the master of couture has retired, the glamour of the brand is set in stone and will surely live on. The Italian icon knew what worked for his brand and stuck to it. His advice? “Do not change too much. Evolution not revolution.”

(Oh hi, Original Supermodel Gang – WERK!)

Love, Ms.Rae xo


Dame Vivienne Westwood is undoubtedly the Queen of Punk Rock fashion. Does a combination of loud tartan, customised tees and bondage boots ring any bells?

Travel back in time to 1970’s Britain; when taboos were broken by the outspoken Sex Pistols, and punk ideologies were creeping onto the scene. Vivienne Westwood partnered with Malcom Maclaren on her first three controversial ranges. She rejected the popular hippy look, challenged politics and embraced the new voice of society. Here we saw music and fashion intrinsically linked; as punk rock culture made its mark.

The Westwood movement paved the way for British Designers; encouraging expression and creativity. It’s all about dressing the way you want to dress. A true sense of non-conformity at its best.

34 years on, the Westwood mantra remains as powerful as it was when it first came onto the scene. Vivienne Westwood is a cultural icon in her own right, and continues to break fashion and beauty boundaries.

Oh, and does she even age?!

Love, Ms.Rae xo