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the ilaka project sugarcoated

This September, The Ilaka Project will present Sugarcoated – a one week art gallery exhibition hosted at the uber trendy Hoxton Basement, London.

Taking the concept of candy, ten artists will present too-good-to-resist visual sweet treats designed to ‘make your teeth hurt’, as well as pieces from their individual collections.

Guests will make their way through a confectionery kingdom filled with exclusive pieces from 2D miniature works to 3D sculptures, as well as interactive art installations. Be sure to expect Instagram-worthy pink sandpits, giant lollipops, parachutes for love notes and floating tea pots from 7th – 14th September 2017.

With an all-Pakistani artist line-up, the aim of the project is to promote Pakistani art in an innovative, quirky format and to also provide exposure into the western market.

All pieces presented at Sugarcoated will be available to purchase online.

The Ilaka Project is split into two platforms: the physical platform of pop-up art galleries and exhibitions which are centred around pop-culture themes popular among generation X; with the second branch being their online platform. The Ilaka Project provide a bespoke advisory service which includes sourcing artwork, in-depth knowledge on which artists to invest in, and the opportunity for special commissions too.

Candy-filled Instagram posts at the ready!

the ilaka project sugarcoated

the ilaka project sugarcoated


Hoxton’s Basement
12-18 Hoxton Street
N1 6NG

7th – 14th September 2017, 12-8PM
General: £12
Students: £8.50
Children under 5 are free

Love, Ms.Raé xo


Introducing The Pop Earphones by Coloud (£15). Colourful. Robust. Comfortable. Tangle-free.

I’d say that I waste about 2 precious minutes of every workout simply trying to untangle my earphones. Oh, but those tangled days are over. Not only does The Pop feature a flat cable, but it also comes with a Zound Lasso: a pliable plug that bends 180 degrees to hold the cable in place and prevent breakage around the connection point.

If your lifestyle is anything like mine, sometimes work has the tendency to entangle itself with play (mild emphasis on the term play, as fitness is no small feat). With The Pop, you can take important calls whilst on the treadmill with one click. Once the call is over, simply click the play button and your music will resume where you left off. The Pop offers clarity and powerful bass whilst eliminating audio pollution; with angled ear buds that come in three sizes (S, M and L) designed to sit securely in your ears and to follow the angles of the head.
Available in 10 colour combinations on

What a dream.

Love, Ms. Rae xo


I LOVE snacking. Anyone that knows me will be able to vouch for my love of snacks. I’m not sure whether it’s the convenience factor, the variety or the sheer wonderful tastes on offer, or a combination of all three. Now, although I’m a complete fruit fiend, my love for all things sugary *cough sweets*, *cough buttercream icing* isn’t exactly healthy. Balance is key, it’s important to stay healthy but I don’t believe that one should starve themselves of a treat now and then either. So what should you do if you want a healthy snack but you don’t want the usual fruit and celery sticks?
Enter Saviour Snacks, guiltless snacking at its best. This snack subscription service is perfect for people on the go, including gym go-ers who are avoiding bad boy trans fats, carbs or both. Each box consists of 8-10 full-size healthy snacks which vary from week to week. From as little as £15 + P&P, you can sign-up for weekly, fortnightly, monthly collections or purchase one as a gift. There are no strings attached and you can cancel anytime. Saviour Snacks deliver to your home, office, events…anywhere!
I have trialled ‘Ultimate Collection’ box, which is full to the brim with yummy popcorn, olives, macadamia nuts and much more. It’s health and convenience in a box. How healthy? I hear you say. Well, there’s no trans fats, hydrogenated/partially hydrogenated fats, artificial additives/colours/preservatives, genetically modified foods, high fructose corn syrup, or MSG. It doesn’t really get better than that.

Happy snacking!

Love, Ms.Rae xo



Fitness is the name of the game on – it’s all about keeping fit and staying in shape.

I have recently got my hands on the Revoflex Xtreme Multi Use Resistance Exerciser (£29.99) (as seen on QVC) – a wonderful cardio contraption complete with a workout guide, travel bag, and a handy diet plan booklet.


The Revoflex Multiuse Resistance Exerciser targets specifics parts of your body depending on how you manoeuvre it. Similar to the benefits of a Cross Trainer machine, it simultaneously firms your bottom and thighs whilst toning your arms, shoulders, back and chest.


How? I hear you ask. The tension in the power assist bands provide resistance as you move forward, resulting in a more effective workout. When you move back, the tension is released which encourages the bands to contract, enabling you to return to your original position. When you move sideways, your sides are tightened and strengthened. These motions encourage positive and negative resistance in order to target your core muscles including the upper, middle and lower abs.

You really feel the burn as you pull the power assist bands. And the best bit? It’s an effective workout that can be done wherever and whenever. Hello convenient fitness.

Love, Ms.Rae xo



Would you prefer to work out at home? Or perhaps you’d like to accelerate your gym workouts by working out at home too? Whatever your preference, there are healthy options for everyone.

Gone are the days of bright leotard-clad fitness videos (and gone are the days of videos in general – no more tedious rewinding!) We are now in the DVD age and more recently the YouTube age. There is an array of fitness videos on offer, and the great thing is that don’t have to pay for anything, leave your house, or even leave your room.

Celebrity favourite Slendertone, are renowned for their muscle definition and toning products. Each fitness device uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation, and has been clinically proven to produce results after just 6 weeks. Being the inquisitive person that I am, I once tried my aunty’s Slendertone Ab Belt expecting abs to magically appear as soon as I took it off…I’m sure you can guess the outcome! Back to the topic at hand, Slendertone’s main aim is to provide products that will accelerate your workouts or training sessions in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re a fan of workouts that get you moving, opt for ‘Slendercise’ – a new range of exercise videos (to be used with or without Slendertone products). The sessions are led by celebrity Personal Trainer Jarod Chapman who demonstrates easy-to-follow, 15 minute long exercises. Each exercise series offers toning for different parts of the body to produce optimal results. First up, is abs.

Look good, feel good.

Love, Ms. Rae xo


kim kardashian kimk-birkin-inf-1

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, I never thought I’d say this but….the gym is one of my favourite places! 2013 marks the start of many new things, and fitness is way up there on the priority list.

Naturally, fashion has to come into play wherever I go. So let’s talk about workout wear. For us ladies, it would seem that going to the gym provides yet another excuse to stress (read ‘get excited’) about what to wear. ‘What happens if I walk into the gym and someone else is wearing the same outfit as me?’ I hear you cry in despair…Well, it happened to me last week! Primark offer an inexpensive gym vest and leggings combo that I simply had to pick up as I was sifting through their sale items in a Supermarket Sweep manner. How did I feel when I saw someone in the same outfit you ask? Absolutely fine, however it sent me on a quest for more activewear so that there was less chance of it happening again. Because let’s face it, we all want to be individuals.

Later that evening, I called on my good friend Google and told him that I needed to expand my gym wardrobe. Thankfully, most of our well-loved brands offer activewear collections in an array of styles to suit all budgets.

Here’s a few options to suit every mood:

‘I don’t want to show my arms yet.’ –
Adidas Originals Girly Zip Hoody – (was £55.00) now £35.00

‘I want to show my toned stomach that I worked so hard to achieve.’ –
Ojas Bikram Yoga Crop Top – (Was £45.00) now £22.00

‘I don’t want to wear anything fitted.’ –
H&M Jersey Top – £12.99 (available in black, grey, pink and mint green)
hmprod (2)

H&M Sports Trousers – £17.99 (available in grey marl and black)
hmprod (1)

‘I need a high impact sports bra, and a medium impact sports bra.’ –
Shock Absorber Black Padded Sports Bra – £27.00


Forever 21 Medium Impact Sports Bra – £7.25

‘I want some gym-proof trainers’ –
Nike Free Run +3 Women’s Running Shoe – £80.00

‘I want to stand out!’ –
Nike Relay Yellow Women’s Running Capris – (was £30.00) now £20.99

‘I guess I shouldn’t bring my Hermés bag (although I’d love to copy Kim Kardashian).’ –
American Apparel Shiny Denim Diagonal Strap Gym Bag -£28.00

‘I want to show my lean thighs that I painstakingly cut out carbs for.’ –
Sweaty Betty Nada Bikram Yoga Shorts – (was £45.00) now £22.00

‘I want to channel Jennifer Beals in Flashdance.’ –
Capezio Black Dance Logic Tank Leotard – £12.45

Red Herring Black Ruched Knit Leg Warmers – (was £10.00) now £3.00


Get fit. Get Fabulous.

Love, Ms.Rae xo